The 5 Best Today Show Halloween Costumes Ever!


Today Show Halloween Costumes

There have been a whole slew of pretty amazing Halloween Costumes put on by the gregarious crew at NBC’s TV Show. They aren’t afraid to go wacky, sexy, silly or completely senseless. Their costume department puts a whole lot of thought, time and effort into creating these over the top outfits each and every year. Sometimes they go with the classics, other times they go for the trendy and timely. And this year was no exception. Check out the 5 best outfits from the Today Show.

For 2010 a couple of the ladies from the Today Show went and got all pop star on us. While Meredith Vieira opted to go with one of the most popular costumes out there, dressing up as Lady Gaga, Natalie Morales went with something more unexpected, she dressed up as Justin Beiber.

Meredith Vieira made a fabulous Pinnochio back in 2009.

A couple years ago the gang dressed up as characters from Star Wars, Al Roker as Hans Solo…classic!

Matt Lauer as Mr. Munster from the Munsters!

And who could forget about Matt Lauer dressed as JLo and Al Roker as Puff Daddy!

Do you have a favorite?

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