The Amazing Race Watermelon Video: Kids, Do NOT Try This At Home!

Watch Amazing Race watermelon video: Ouch!

“The Amazing Race” watermelon video was truly even worse than I had imagined! I’d hear buzz online about what happened when a woman got smacked in the face with the melon while using a souped-up slingshot during the premiere. But I decided not to watch beforehand because my son and I always watch the show together, and I wanted to see it with him.

My very first words after watching it were, “Do not EVER try to do that in our backyard!” Because how much you want to be that’s what they’re talking about on the school bus tomorrow?

It’s OK to laugh; Claire, the woman who did it, was alright despite not being able to feel her face for the rest of the challenge. Click on to see it for yourself but warn your kids not to try this at home.