The Anna Nicole Smith Trial Results— Will Howard Stern Go to Jail?


Anna Nicole SmithAfter two weeks of deliberation, the jury assigned to the Anna Nicole Smith prescription drug trial came back with their verdict. And it wasn’t a good one for Anna Nicole Smith’s companion, confidant, and counsel Howard Stern. He was acquitted of seven of the nine charges, but was charged with two of them.  He was found guilty (along with Anna’s psychiatrist) of conspiring to providing powerful prescription drugs. It apparently led to her dependence on the narcotics and her to her untimely death due to an overdose. But the big question, will Howard Stern go to jail?

Howard Stern along with Anna Nicole Smith’s psychiatrist Dr. Khristine Eroshevich were found to acquiring ‘controlled substances’ by fraudulent means and by giving false names. But Stern’s representative said they used different names to give Anna Nicole Smith some privacy. And what are they looking at? A district attorney’s spokesperson stated that they “face possible maximum terms of at least three years in state prison.”

Do you think he should do time for providing Anna Nicole Smith with prescription drugs? And is this a bit of justice for Anna Nicole Smith’s young daughter?
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