The Avengers: 5 Reasons Why it Ruled & Is It a Must See Movie Event for Everyone?

The Avengers!

A funny thing happened to me this week. My name was televised onto the screens of millions of homes. Why?  Because of The Avengers.

In one of their ‘the critics agree’ spots, they cite me as one of said ‘critics,’ using my quote that The Avengers in a “must see movie event for everyone.” But is it? Yes. Well, almost everyone. I would actually rule out little kids, babies, and those who don’t enjoy things that are awesome.

Why is The Avengers a “must see movie event for everyone?” Let me count the ways. Here are five reasons why the Avengers ruled and why you should go see it this weekend:

  • 1) Joss Whedon: 1 of 5
    1) Joss Whedon:
    I love Joss Whedon. Like really love Joss Whedon. Buffy the Vampire Slayer is one of my most favorite shows like ever (I weep with appreciation each time I see the musical episode). With only one feature film under his belt (the Firefly vehicle Serenity) a very wise exclusive opted to entrust Joss with this big budget, big name and big pressure gig. That exclusive? They deserve a raise. Joss totally proved that he is not just a power on the small screen but he can take on the big, bold epic as if he'd been making blockbusters for years.
  • 2) The One-Liners: 2 of 5
    2) The One-Liners:
    If you are familiar with Joss Whedon's work, then you know he crafts touching, clever and hilarious scripts and The Avengers highlights all of those aspects of his writing. One of the best things about the film are the comedic lines. Thor, Iron Man, The Hulk, the Black Widow and Captain America all get a moment of laughter. Even the big bad - Loki - gets a laugh. Adding in these comic moments takes the genre into another level, one that anyone can appreciate whether they are a comic book fan or not.
  • 3) Mark Ruffalo as The Hulk 3 of 5
    3) Mark Ruffalo as The Hulk
    Lou Ferrigno, Edward Norton and Eric Bana have all donned the green and embraced their inner anger to play the Incredible Hulk. But the performance that will now be associated with the Hulk? Mark Ruffalo. In the Avengers, Ruffalo brings a nuanced performance that is strong and vulnerable at the same time. He says so much with just a slight tilt of his head or a slow blink. And apparently the audience isn't the only one who approves of his performance (or will once they see it). It's been reported that he signed on to play the Hulk in six films.
  • 4) The Story 4 of 5
    4) The Story
    The performances, the action and all the epic fight scenes may steal the show, but the underneath it all is a storyline that encompasses a slew of themes from the battle between good and evil, dysfunctional families, anger management issues and of course alien invasions.
  • 05) The Wide Appeal 5 of 5
    05) The Wide Appeal
    One of the attractive things about the film? You don't have to be a) a fan boy b) a fan girl c) a comic book aficionado or d) have seen all the other Avengers movies. It's story, humor, and action are palatable to a wide variety of demographics moms, dads, sons, daughters, and even than picky cousin twice removed.

Image from Marvel

Article Posted 4 years Ago
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