The Bachelor 2011 Finale: Details from Brad Womacks Big Proposal! What Did He Say?


The Bachelor 2011 had it’s season finale on Monday night. Brad Womack finally found a woman he thinks he can marry. As many assumed, he picked Emily Maynard.

Not only did Emily Maynard get  the final rose but she got something much more shiny and special. A diamond engagement ring. What are the details of the proposal?

After Brad Womack sent Chantal O’Brien home (yeah, he should not have married a woman who slapped him the first time she met him), he proposed to single mom Emily Maynard.

Brad was pretty emotional about it, tearing up as he popped the big question. He gave her a line that sounded like it was totally ripped from a chick flick, he said to her,  “I’m asking for you to give me your forever.” Yup, pretty sweet. And sweet enough for Emily to say yes. They kissed, there were more tears, and yup…that last final rose.

But as Hollywood of an ending that this is, do you really think the two will make it to the alter?

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