The Bachelor 2011: Is Brad Womack Serious This Time Around?

the bachelor 2011 brad womack
Is Brad Womack Serious This Time As The Bachelor 2011?

The Bachelor 2011 premiere just started, with controversial Brad Womack returning as The Bachelor once again. Brad Womack was the only Bachelor in the history of the show to get to the final rose ceremony and not choose either of the girls. Deanna Pappas and Jenni Croft were both rejected by Brad, and he became the most hated Bachelor in the history of the show’s duration.

Many people were upset when ABC gave Brad Womack a second chance at being The Bachelor on Season 15. Viewers watching this season will be wondering the same thing: “Is Brad Womack serious this time around? Does he really want to find love, and get married and have children someday?”

Judging from the Bachelor preview video, Brad Womack seems like he is genuinely looking for love.

Will he succeed this time?

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