The Bachelor 2011: Which Bachelorettes Stood Out to Brad Womack


Despite the grilling that the bachelorettes gave Brad Womack on the premiere of The Bachelor 2011, they all still wanted his attention. While some went at it in a normal way, by just talking to him, some of the girls wanted to make sure he wouldn’t forget them.

Some pulled some crazy stunts to be sure that the would be unforgettable.

It started with the first girl out of the limo, Chantal O., who slapped Brad and told him that he deserved it, that it was a slap from every woman in America. We have Britnee, who made him go to the limo to get her instead of her going to him.

There was a Rockette who showed off one of her high kicks- in her evening gown. There’s Madison, the vampire girl with her fangs that Brad isn’t sure if they are a joke or if she is serious. Another girl shows up in sparkly ruby red heels, much like those from The Wizard of Oz. There was a girl who made Brad pinky swear he wouldn’t break her heart and another who made him get down on one knee and propose to her.

In a crowd of thirty women all vying for the bachelor’s attention, I guess you have to do something to stand out. Or you end up playing tug-of-war with him, like Alli and Renee did.

Really, until they start going on one-on-one dates or at least smaller group dates, I have a hard time remembering who is who.

Who was the most memorable bachelorette on the premiere?