The Bachelor Brad Womack and Ashley: Could She Be The One?

The Bachelor Brad Womack
The Bachelor Brad Womack

So it’s week two on The Bachelor and things are already heating up!

Brad Womack takes Ashley H. on the first date… and it starts off kind of eerily.

They drive to a remote, pitch-black location and walk along with a flashlight.  They suddenly turn on a huge switch and ta-da!  The lights turn on on to reveal a carnival! How romantic is that???

Ashley and Brad ran through the carnival, not knowing where to start first!

With rides and games, the two acted like a couple of kids.

Brad said it has been years since he felt he could be himself with a woman like Ashley.  He even said he liked Ashley a lot.  They even shared their first passionate kiss!  And kissed some more.

After sitting down to talk, Ashley revealed to Brad that she didn’t have her father around at all while she was growing up.  This news struck a chord with Brad, who opened up to Ashley too.

Brad revealed that his own dad split at an early age too.  He’d pop back in his life and years would pass.

So they both share this childhood experience which undoubtedly brought them closer together already.

Brad was very open with Ashley and he gave her the rose.

Their chemistry is obvious will Ashley end up being “the one”?

I think Ashley will stick around for a while!