"The Bachelor:" Did Brad Womack Send the Wrong Girls Home?

The Bachelor Brad Womack
Did The Bachelor Brad Womack give roses to the right girls?

We get to see more of what happens between the girls than bachelor Brad Womack does: all the drama.

So, we might know better than he does when it comes to who he should give a rose to. Ali and Roberto helped Brad make his decision, but maybe they got it wrong, too.

Keep reading to find out who was sent home.

Not receiving roses tonight: Raichel the manscaper, Melissa the drama queen, and Keltie who had to wear the ugliest outfit during the PSAs.

Raichel and Melissa were so full of drama this episode that it’s probably for the best that they went home. Bravo to Brad for actually seeing that and sending them home. It usually takes the Bachelor longer to figure out who are the causes of the drama.

Keltie wasn’t really memorable, other than being the girl who got stuck with the least sexy outfit during the PSA.  Raichel and Melissa’s drama seemed to dominate this episode, so it’s hard to tell who else he should have sent home.

What do you think of his choices this week?

Though, since Brad is supposedly now happily engaged, I guess he must have given the right girl a rose.