The Bachelor Emily: Is SHE Ready To Settle With Bachelor Brad?

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Is Emily ready to settle down with Brad?

By now you know that Brad Womack chose Emily Maynard and left Chantal O’Brien heartbroken.

Brad finally was able to profess his love for Emily after being in love with her for quite a while on the show.

But is Emily truly in love with Brad?

Is she ready to settle down with him?  On their final date, he said the most beautiful thing to her that he is ready to be a father to her daughter – and she dismissed it.  Brad described it as a slap in the face and I can’t agree more.

Then on the After the Final Rose show, Emily said she had anxiety watching the show every Monday night, and was troubled by seeing Brad’s relationships with the other women. Fair enough but he chose her and knew he would choose her for a long time.

Emily also described Brad as having a bad temper, a trait she obviously is not to thrilled about discovering.

She was also very abrupt when she stated on national television that  she is not ready to move with her daughter to Austin, where Brad lives!

She ALSO said she doesn’t want to get married yet!

Is Emily ready to settle down with Brad?

For the first time, Brad has fallen in love with the “right” person but will SHE stick around?