The Bachelor Finale: Emily Maynard Should RUN from Brad Womack!


The Bachelor FinaleBrad Womack chose Emily Maynard on The Bachelor finale tonight. But I think Emily needs to RUN from Brad Womack, and I think she knows it too.  Emily seemed very hesitant to commit to a future with Brad Womack.

Brad and Emily already broke up once.  If Emily and Brad actually do end up getting married, it will be a complete life change for Emily and Ricki.  They will move to Austin, taking Ricki away from her home, her friends and her family.

Emily mentioned Brad’s temper and even Brad Womack’s family warned her about his temper.  Hello?  This is NOT a good sign!

I think Emily is worried, deep down, that Brad Womack won’t be a good step-father for her daughter.  Womack has some clear “daddy issues” and this kind of baggage is not easy to take into the job of step-dad.

Brad Womack seemed set on convincing America that he’s a good guy but I’m not buying it. RUN Emily RUN!