The Bachelor Goes to Madawaska, Maine: 5 Things About This Quaint Town


Ashley HebertThe Bachelor Brad Womack and his remaining Bachelorettes hit the road so that Brad could visit their home towns and give some context on who and where his potential future wife is from. One of the stops? Madawaska, Maine. It is not a place many can find on the map, until now. This quaint town shined in the limelight on this week’s Bachelor when the 26-year-old dental student Ashley Hebert took him to her hometown.

Here are five thing about the small main town:

It is not a large town. Back in 2000 there were about 4,ooo people from about 1,000 families.

Madawaska is the northernmost town in New England. It is right across the way from Edmundston in New Brunswick, Canada,

Over 80% of the residents of Madawaska speak French at home.

Their main industry, besides producing Bachelorettes, is producing paper.

Madawaska is home of the big Acadian festival.

Photo: ABC

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