The Bachelor Reunion Party Ends With A Car Crash


This past Saturday was a major gathering for those involved with The Bachelor/Bachelorette. First, contestants got together for the “Men Tell All” episode that airs near the end of each season, and following the taping, there was a full-out Bachelor reunion party in Hollywood.

But all did not end well. Instead, the evening ended with a serious car crash involving four former cast members. Cristina Costa, a contestant from a 2002 season, was driving after she left the party at club H-wood with three other contestants. “They left the party at about 2:30 a.m. and Cristina went to pull a U-turn and drove her car up onto the sidewalk and into a lamp post,” a source revealed to

The car just missed pedestrians on the sidewalk behind the lamp post, and Costa was taken to the hospital with a broken nose and wrist. According to sources, she is still in the hospital.

We’re glad to hear everyone was okay, and after a rowdy college-like evening like this, complete with reckless driving, we question even more whether these people really thought they were ready to settle down and have a family.

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