The Bachelor: Why Brad Womack Didn't Pick Chantal O brien

the bachelor
Who did Brad Womack pick? Not Chantal O brien!

Brad Womack had to make a decision on The Bachelor finale: who would he pick?  He probably felt pressured to pick one of the girls, after his last stint on The Bachelor. Though, maybe he had it right the first time around.

But, Brad Womack did make a choice and chose Emily Maynard.

If you read the  Bachelor spoilers, you probably thought until about two weeks ago that Chantal O’brien would be the final choice. Why didn’t Brad Womack pick Chantal?

Well, Brad’s family seemed to think that Emily was the right choice for him- and it’s hard to go against your family’s opinion like that.

But, I think that Brad still isn’t ready for a relationship. Chantal was ready to get married on the spot, where a relationship with Emily would have to go a little slower because of her daughter. Emily was much more reserved about wanting a relationship and I think Brad was more comfortable with someone who thought like that, despite him claiming all season that he was a changed man.

Don’t worry about Chantal O brien, though- she’s already dating someone else.