The Bachelor: Why Do the Women Always Forget They Have to Share Him? Michelle Melts Down

The Bachelor Brad Womack
Did the bachelorettes forget what the show is about?

It seems like during every season of the “The Bachelor,” there is that one girl who can’t take that she has to share her time with the bachelor.

This season, that woman is Michelle, who does not want to share Brad Womack with any of the other bachelorettes.

Michelle got stuck on the group date with Brad and 14 other women.  And it was her 30th birthday.  She wanted alone time with Brad.

It didn’t help that for the PSAs that they were filming on their date involved a lot of kissing. Poor Michelle didn’t feel special.

Um, that’s the whole premise of “The Bachelor.” Yes, it’s incredibly bizarre to have one guy on a date with that many women. But, then again, these women shouldn’t be shocked at this since they know what the show is like going into it.

Yet, Michelle stomped off the set.  And Brad chases her down, so she gets the attention she wanted.

Later on, Michelle gets more one-on-one time with Brad and accuses him of having all these layers. 

Awww, and Brad gives Michelle the rose on the date for her birthday. This might have been a mistake since I can see her being extremely jealous as the season goes on.