The Bachelorette: Why Chantal O brien is NOT the Next Bachelorette

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Chantal O brien is NOT the Next Bachelorette

It’s not because The Bachelor Brad Womack picks her as his final choice on next week’s The Bachelor finale, though that was the original spoiler from Reality Steve this season.

But, last week, Reality Steve said that his sources were wrong and Brad Womack picks Emily Maynard and the two are engaged.

So, if Chantal is the runner up, why isn’t she the next Bachelorette?

It’s most likely not because she wasn’t offered the role of The Bachelorette.  Reality Steve reveals that Chantal O brien is dating someone new!  Chantal is reportedly dating Jeff Razore and doesn’t want to risk their relationship by going on the dating show.

Wow, I hope their relationship works out, because that is one big opportunity to turn down!

Instead, Ashley H. is the next Bachelorette.

Well, that is, IF you can trust the Reality Steve spoilers any more.