The Bachelor's Tenley Is Not Pregnant. Yet.


the-bachelor-tenley-molzahn-not-pregnantSo after much hand-wringing and sleepless nights (on my part, not bachelor Jake) it appears that contestant Tenley Molzahn is not pregnant after all. As you remember, promos for last night’s The Bachelor showed Tenley telling Jake that she was pregnant and then the promo cuts to a shot of Tenley crying. Some editor somewhere is making a lot of money to do that!

If you watched the show you know that Tenley told Jake that she was pregnant as a joke, sort of a warmup in order to tell him about her divorce. Because — hahaha — nothing like telling a guy you’re pregnant in order to lighten the mood!

Stay tuned for an upcoming show, where Tenley tells Jake she’s actually a man — but no, just kidding — she’s really just pregnant!