The Balloon Boy Heene Family Moves to Florida, Hurricanes and Gators in Their Future?


Watch out Florida the tornado chasing / balloon raising Heene family is coming to your neck of the woods!

The infamous ‘Balloon Boy’ family is pulling up roots from their Fort Collins, Colorado home and moving across the country to Bradenton, Florida. 

Heene pled guilty in 2009 for the ‘Balloon Boy’ hoax in which the family duped the media and local law enforcement that their then 6-year-old son Falcon had flown away from home in a homemade helium balloon.  After hours of searching, it was discovered that Falcon had been hiding in the family garage throughout the entire ordeal. 

As a result of their actions both parents served short sentence jail and are currently on probation.  The state of Florida has taken over the mangement of the Heene’s probation which includes restitution of $48,000 to cover the costs to law enforcement over the entire incident. 

Now that the family’s dream of having their own reality show has been nixed, Richard Henne is looking to work in the Florida construction business.

Florida has lots of fun in store for the Heene family, who had previously appeared on ABC’s Wife Swap.  With hurricanes and gators on the loose, the family of storm chasers and adventures is bound to find something to keep them busy!

Photo: Wife Swap