Beckhams Go to Dangerous Lengths to Have a Baby


Posh and Becks have been wanting to add to their brood (currently standing at 3 boys) for some time. “I really want more kids and I hope it happens soon,” he told a British newspaper last year. “I want a little girl. That would be amazing.” Well, it didn’t happen soon, so now the duo is stepping up the action. In addition to Victoria putting on pounds to increase her fertility, reports have now surfaced that the couple is…

….making love five times a day. Or, as stated in the U.K. Sun (not, I note, the most trustworthy source), she’s pressuring him to do it five times a day. Which is more than he can, er, perform, most of the time, due to certain anatomical constraints and his athletic schedule. 

A source told the Sun that Victoria expects David to “produce the goods whenever it’s possible and be on continuous standby. He’s exhausted.” Exhausted, indeed. Is this plan safe? I’d hate for Becks to get behind the wheel of a car after daily-bout-number-five.

To boot, the constant nookie can’t, honestly, be helping Victoria’s efforts to gain weight.