The Bristol Palin Effect - What If Bristol Wins Dancing with the Stars?


bristol palin dancing with the starsThere’s trouble brewing over at Dancing with the Stars following the surprise advancement last week of wannabe dancer Bristol Palin to the final round of the dance competition.  She has beat out a crowd of higher profile stars by achieving some of the season’s lowest scores and even has a chance of coming out on top as the winner of Dancing with the Stars.  As a result of Palin gaining a spot in the finale there has been a flurry of activity across the Internet claiming irregularities with the online voting system and allegations of a conspiracy by the Tea Party.  

Some viewers are threatening a boycott of the current season and others have declared they will never watch the show again solely based on Palin’s spot in the finale.

What will be the impact if Bristol Palin actually walks away with the mirrored ball and wins Dancing with the Stars?

Although some viewers will tune out of this week’s finale, I doubt that the impact will be as huge as some folks would like.  Love her or hate her, we can all tune in to watch the competition and just decide not to vote for Bristol.  As for the long term effect, television audiences tend to have a short memory.  By the time that they announce the cast for next season, we will have forgotten how upset we became upon hearing the news of Brandy’s elimination. 

Where the Bristol Palin may be felt the most for Dancing with the Stars will be in the casting for next season.  If they believe that they may be upset by a teenager from Alaska (or next season’s version of the teen), many actual ‘stars’ may opt out of signing up for the show.  Celebrities are nothing if not egocentric and nobody wants to be upset by someone who isn’t winning for their dancing skills. 

What do you think will be the Bristol Palin Effect on Dancing with the Stars?