The Cape TV Show: I'm Bored Already! Will the Show Be Canceled?

The Cape tv show premiere

The Cape tv show premiered tonight. In fact, the pilot episode isn’t even over yet. But, I’m bored already.

The series only has 13 episodes total.  I’m usually a fan of series like this: they have a definitive beginning, middle, and end. No going off on crazy tangents, trying to prolong the series. There’s a clear goal of getting to the end of the storyline. I wonder if it will even last that long, though.

I can’t seem to pay attention to even the pilot episode. The superhero thing isn’t working for me in this show.

I have to wonder if this show will even last the full 13 episodes that are planned out. Maybe it will since it’s not that long of a season, though I wouldn’t be surprised if it got shoved to an odd timeslot like Saturday night if it does stick around.

But, it could just be me. Are you watching? Do you like it?