The Celebrity Doppelganger That Blows Me Away: Will Ferrell and the RHCPs Chad Smith


Why has it taken me 12 years to see this?

Actor Will Ferrell and the Red Hot Chili Peppers drummer Chad Smith are the doppelgangers of celebrity doppelgangers! These two bring brothers from another mother to a whole new level!

Both Will and Chad — who are also celebrity dads — recently waged an all-out war on each other (no, not that kind!) in a drum battle to help raise $300,000 for charity.

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It all started when Will acknowledged the fact that he and Chad bare a strikingly similar resemblance to each other and even went as far as to joke that they are actually the same person, too.

Uh, could have fooled me.

The actor challenged Chad to the “greatest drum versus cowbell showdown the world has ever seen.” The showdown also came with one condition, as both drummers wanted to raise $300,000 for Cancer for College, a nonprofit that awards college scholarships to cancer survivors.

Their goal was actually met this past weekend, but so far neither gentlemen has set a date or venue location for the drum-off. And when that does happen (I’m guessing it will be in the near future), I so can’t wait to see the photo op with Will and Chad. It’ll be like a reunion of two long lost celebrity twins!

Photos via Instagram 

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