The Cookie Has Crumbled - Cookie Mag Shuts Down


293tylercookiemag052908The Cookie has crumbled. The high end celebrity friendly Conde Nast title Cookie Magazine will sadly stop production. With uber pretty family fashion spread of celebrity famlies like Liv Tyler, Salma Hayek,  Amanda Peet, Tori Spelling, Brooke Shields among others the mag was a stylish, sassy title for the have and not the have not set. Although the mag was heralded as one of Conde Nast’s “few bright spots last year, ad wise,” the magazine wasn’t “well-established enough to weather the recession.”

Along with Cookie Magazine three other Conde Nast magazine will be closed the long lasting Gourmet (it’s been around for 68 years!) and two bridal magazines Elegant Bride and Modern Bride.

Although many have talked smack about Cookie, I personally loved to see how the other half live and thought they captured a certain style that wasn’t represented in other parenting rags.  Cookie, you were yummy while you lasted. You will be missed.

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