The Courteney Cox Split - Bad for the Family, Good for ABC


courteney cox splitWhat’s bad for the Cox-Arquette family is great for ABC! 

There is an upside to the separation of Courteney Cox and David Arquette.  Her show Cougar Town is benefitting from a ratings bump thanks to the press coverage of the marital split this week.

The show saw a week-to-week increase from 7.1 million viewers to 7.3 million tuning in for this week’s episode, The Damage You’ve Done.

Most of the increased interest in the sophomore series appears to come from the rumored relationship between Cox and her on-screen ex-husband Brian Von Holt.   I know that I found myself tuning in for the first time this season, it appears I had lots of company! 

While it doesn’t appear that there is an on-screen reunion for Jules and ex-hubby Bobby, it looks like Cougar Town is finally getting the ratings bump it really needed at the expense of the Cox-Arquette family!

Photo: PR Photos