The Craigslist Killer Movie (VIDEO)


A man who seems like a nice, ordinary guy…who turns out to be a killer. That is the premise of the Lifetime movie airing tonight at 9pm ET, based on a true story.

“The Craigslist Killer” movie tells the story of Phillip Markoff who seemed to have it all: he was a Boston University Medical School student with a beautiful and wealthy wife-to-be. But, he also is a killer.

The movie follows his story from the time that he meets Megan until right befor his trial is to begin. We won’t spoil any of the rest of it, in case you don’t know the details already and want to be surprised when you watch.

You can watch the preview here:

The movie is a good reminder to us that we can’t really trust anyone: a lesson we need to be sure that our children are aware of, too.

Will you watch “The Craigslist Killer?”