The Dirty: Watch Dr. Phil Scold Nik Richie, Founder Of The Dirty For Teen Cyber-Bullying (Video)

Nik Riche The Dirty Shayne Lamas
Watch Nik Richie, Husband Of Shayne Lamas, Talk To Dr. Phil About The Dirty is a website that was founded by Nik Richie, husband of Shayne Lamas, who is Lorenzo Lamas’s daughter. The Dirty also happens to be a website where people can “dish dirt” on college kids and older teens. Dr. Phil scolded Nik Richie today for contributing to the problem of cyber-bullying. You can watch a video clip below of Nik Richie talking about The Dirty on the Dr. Phil Show.

Cyber-bullying has become a huge problem, and has contributed to the deaths of so many teens and young adults, including Brian Halligan, Megan Myer, Tyler Clementi, and Hope Witsell, to name a few. Founder Nik Richie admits that the main point of The Dirty is “to get a rise out of people.”

But there is a fine line between getting a rise out of someone, and cyber-bullying them.

Watch the video clip below of Nik Richie and Dr. Phil talking about The Dirty, and judge for yourself whether or not the site aims to hurt young adults.

Photo: Pacific Coast News