The Dragon Tattoo - It Was Jon Gosselin's Girlfriend's Idea


So who came up with the idea of a permanently putting a great big dragon on Jon Gosselin’s back? It wasn’t one of his eight kids but rather his new girlfriend Ellen.

Jon got the tattoo at the Never Say Die Tattoo Parlor in Harrisburg, PA. Todd ‘Sharkbait’ Williams who did the work went to high school with Jon’s gal pal Ellen Ross. She paired the two together and they elaborated on the detailed artwork together.  The artwork took two sessions at about six or seven hours each time. During the process, the tattoo artist got to know Jon and he thinks the relationship between Jon and Ellen is the real deal.  He told that… “Ellen is a really good person and they really like one another she is not the type of girl who would go out with him because he is famous.” But don’t think you can walk into Never Say Die and get the same piece…like you’d want to. The artist said, “”Jon’s design is a ‘one-off’ there will not be anyone else walking around with it on their body.”

And with Ellen’s name represented in Korean on his back, does this mean that the Gosselin eight may have a new step mom anytime soon?

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