The Drama Continues Between LeAnn Rimes & Eddie Cibrain's Ex


Poor Brandi Glanville, Eddie Cibrian’s ex. LeAnn Rimes has been called out time and again for behaving entirely inappropriate with Brandi and Eddie’s children and she just keeps doing it again and again and again.

The latest is extra bad. Seven year old Mason got in an accident and had to go to the hospital. LeAnn did not have the courtesy to call Brandi, but felt it better to Tweet the news, which is exactly how this terrified mom found her son was injured.

Imagine how horrified you would be if some other woman was watching your children and all of a sudden Tweets: “Flew home for 5 hrs to see Eddie & the lil one’s and ended up in the ER!”

Heart dropping. What kind of accident? How bad are they hurt?

“Everybody’s fine, just a minor kiddo accident. Boys will be boys!” said another Tweet.

The injury was a minor chin split, but why Tweet and not call the parent? “All I know is I didn’t get a phone call,” Glanville told E! News. “Poor choice. Bad parenting. I don’t know how exactly it happened, but Mason told me LeAnn had oil on her hardwood floors and he fell. Eddie didn’t bother to call me and I showed up to Mason’s soccer game that day only to get a text from Eddie afterwards saying Mason wouldn’t be playing since he was in the ER all morning.”

Again-Poor Brandi!


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