The Duggar's First Grandchild is Born (Video)


josh-anna-duggar-pregnantThere’s a new Duggar in town.  Joshua and Anna Duggar welcomed their first child Mackynzie Renee Duggar on Thursday their first of probably many.

Joshua is the eldest of Jim Bob and Michelle 18 kids and the first grandchild.  Mackynzie has 17 aunts and uncles with one more of the way…since the Duggars will be adding yet another kid to their clan in the spring.

Mackynzie was born at Joshua and Anna’s home.  Along with Joshua mom Michelle, a midwife and a doula assisted in the birth. And the room was a crowded one since a TLC film crew was there to capture the event for the special titled “First Grandduggar” which will air on Oct. 13th at 9 pm. And the couple will be on the Today Show exclusively on Monday.

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