The Eagle Trailer: Watch It Here (Reviews)


the eagle reviewsWatch the Eagle Trailer and see Channing Tatum in action.  This role is a far cry from the sappy character he played in last year’s Dear John.

The Eagle is set in Roman-ruled Britain in 140 A.D. Channing Tatum plays a Roman solider setting off to find the lost golden Eagle emblem, so that he can restore his deceased father’s reputation.  The Eagle is an action-adventure film.

Entertainment Weekly gave the film a B+.   Though the Washington Postsays: “What starts out as a promising mix of mystery and ad­ven­ture set during a captivating period becomes a squandered opportunity.” They also say that Channing Tatum’s accent was off. Though, hey, we really just want to look at him anyway.

Take a look at The Eagle Trailer:

Though if The Eagle trailer makes you think this isn’t your style, you can check out Just Go With It, Gnomeo and Juliet, or even Justin Bieber: Never Say Never. All opened this weekend, too.