The End of Gossip Girl: Leighton Meester Ready to Offer Up Her Last Scoops... XOXO


gossip girlIs Gossip Girl ready to dish out her last bits of Upper East Side gossip?  It looks like one of the show’s stars is ready to offer up her last scoops as Leighton Meester says she’s ready to walk away from the hit series. 

Is Leighton Meester leaving Gossip Girl?

Leighton Meester may be ready to leave behind her role of Blair Waldorf, but the end will not be immediate as she is under contract to the CW show for two more seasons.    The actress wants to leave behind her socialite persona in order to focus on her one true love — pursuing her budding film career.    Thus far Gossip Girl has accommodated her schedule to allow Meester to take on roles in  Country Strong and The Roommate, but she’s ready to make movies her full-time gig.

Two years (and the subsequent contract negotiation) may be able to change Leighton’s mind.  Hopefully she sees the light and signs back on for more of this mom’s guilty pleasure!

Will you watch Gossip Girl without Blair Waldorf stirring up trouble?  Is it time for Gossip Girl to get ready for its swan song?

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