The Eric Johnson Jessica Simpson Engagement — More To It Than Meets The Eye?

eric johnson jessica simpson
Eric Johnson Jessica Simpson Engaged

The Eric Johnson Jessica Simpson engagement is making headlines mostly due to the fact that the couple have only been together for 6 short months. The Eric Johnson Jessica Simpson engagement also happened suspiciously close to the announcement of Jessica’s ex Nick Lachey, becoming engaged to his long-time girlfriend, Vanessa Minnillo.

So, do you think there’s any cause to worry? Because I do. Eric Johnson was still married when he and Jessica first hooked up (although he is officially divorced now) and their relationship has progressed rather quickly. In fact, Johnson, who played briefly in the NFL, was accepted to the prestigious Wharton Business School to do his MBA, but declined after he started dating Simpson. A source even told US that He “was never that successful in the NFL, but he’s always wanted the celebrity-lifestyle. I believe that Jessica is his way to get famous. He’s using her.  “Eric doesn’t have a job, he just follows her around. Her friends do not trust him.”
Well I tend to think that might just be the case, especially with this whole rushed engagement. I agree that it must suck to have to watch your ex get engaged to another woman, but wouldn’t you be annoyed if your boyfriend proposed to you just after your ex proposed to his girlfriend? Don’t you think that if Jessica Simpson was truly happy for Nick Lachey she would wait before announcing her own engagement? And don’t you think that if Eric Johnson was really serious about Jessica he would wait longer than 6 months after his divorce was finalized before popping the question to another woman?
Photo by PCN