The Flintstones are 50! Google celebrates with a Doodle (Video)

Flintstones are 50!
Flintstones are 50!

Google replaced its regular homepage logo with an image from the cult American cartoon, “The Flintstones” which celebrates its 50th anniversary.

Fred Flintstone and his family and neighbors sit in a stone-age car to make up the letter G, with houses and dinosaurs replacing the remaining letters of the Google logo.

The Flintstones ran from 1960 to 1966 on the ABC channel and became a favorite of children around the world.  The hit animated show still continues to air on TV channels across the globle.

I thought the show ran much longer!  As a child, I remember being excited to come home for lunch from school so I could watch the show at noon.  I still find the show funny after all these years, like the “happy anniversary” video below.

We all know and love all the Flintstone characters, especially Fred and his best friend Barney Rubble who always get into some kind of trouble during the “stone ages”.  

The celebrities idolized by Flintstone and family include Cary Granite and Stony Curtis.  Sadly, Tony Curtis has passed away just as Flintstones celebrate its 50th.

“Yaba Dada Doo!” is Fred’s famous catchphrase and the show is also known for its catchy theme tune.  Created by William Hanna and Joseph Barbera, the show ended too early but spawned a number of spin-offs and special episodes.

Over the past 12 years Google has created more than 900 Doodles to mark various birthdays, anniversaries and major world events.

Here is one of my favorite moments on Flintstones, and very appropriate to mark the show’s 50th!

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