The Future Queen Kate Middleton Gets 24/7 Protection

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Kate Middleton Gains 24/7 Protective Security

The future princess and eventual Queen Kate Middleton had to be kept safe at all costs and after the announcement of her engagement to Prince William, the monarchy presented her with 24 hour protective security.

From now on, Kate will be joined at the hip by two undercover female officers who will reportedly rotated shits “24/7″ and two of the “finest officer in the force who will not only protect the future princess but have also been trained to blend in.”

A source explains, “Kate has gone from being a ordinary citizen to one of the most high profile people in the world. There are a lot of very bad people in this world and unfortunately Kate is now at the top of their list. No expensive will be spared to keep her safe.”

It will cost $300.000 to keep Kate protected.

Do you think is necessary or excessive?