'The Game' The Chipmunks Hot on TV Last Night


tia mowry, sisters sister

The Game is back on BET. The Game starring Tia Mowry and Hosea Chanchez was a hot topic online last night on social networks and blogs!

The Game is back after a two-year layoff. The series was dumped by The CW but it’s back on BET and fans are loving it!

The Game picks up where it left off two years ago. Derwin and Melanie are married and she also graduated from medical school, Tasha Mack is THE SAME and there’s plenty of drama….in the first five minutes of the premiere. Did you see The Game?

Last night The Chipmunks were on prime time TV!  Million Dollar Money Drop asked the very important question, “Which Chipmunk Wore Glasses?” and the three choices for the answer were Alvin, Simon or Theodore.

Do you know which Chipmunk wore glasses? In the words of my teen daughter, “DUH”!  It’s Simon. Did you watch Million Dollar Money Drop last night?  It’s a fun show, if you haven’t seen it.

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