The Girl With The Golden Voice: Who Is Jackie Evancho ("America's Got Talent")? (VIDEO)


jackie evanchoIs Jackie Evancho “America’s Got Talent’s” most talented kid ever? We’re starting to think so after watching the amazing performance last night by the 10-year-old singer. Jackie was one of 12 acts who submitted their auditions via YouTube, and you can already tell she’s a favorite to win. There’s no one else on “America’s Got Talent” singing quite as well as she is.

She hit every note in a complex opera song with a soaring voice that sounds like it belongs to someone twice her age. Hearing her sing is almost eerie she’s that good.

So who is this little girl from Pittsburgh? Here’s what we know, along with video of last night’s awesome audition.

— She began singing after her mom rented the video “Phantom of the Opera” two years ago. Her parents later entered her in a regional talent competition, where she finished second to a 20-year-old and beat nearly 200 other performers.

— She has already released one self-produced CD, “Prelude to a Dream.”

— She sang the national anthem at the home opener for the Pittsburgh Pirates this year.

— She’s scheduled to sing with Tim Janis at Carnegie Hall on Dec. 2.

— She’s in fifth grade.

— Her favorite kinds of music are classical crossover and pop.

— She likes sports.