Gosselin Kids Hold Valentine's Day Snowball Fight (Photos)


Aaden Gosselin, Hannah GosselinAs a nanny, if you don’t keep a close watch over the Gosselin kids, things can really snowball. While mom and dad were both out of town enjoying the respective Valentine’s Day activities, the Gosselin brood got left in Pennsylvania with a nanny — and it looks like that nanny was no match for the pent-up energy caused by the snowpocalypse.

It’s hard to say whether or not the Gosselin kids ran roughshod over their nanny, but the sitter was nowhere to be seen in these pics. Maybe the paparazzi agreed to keep an eye on the kids of a little while?

Just look at that massive snowball that Aaden is about to bust on Hannah’s head… it’s the size of a carnival turkey leg!

Maybe the pics are misleading but it’s not hard to imagine that the Gosselin kids might be getting to the age where they get a thrill out of torturing their babysitters. Throw in the fact that their father is Jon and… sheesh, it’s a tough gig.

Seriously, babysitting Jon and Kate’s 8 kids requires someone with a bit more experience than your average nanny. Nothing can really prepare you for that.

Joel Gosselin, Hannah GosselinMady Gosselin, Aaden Gosselin

Photos: INF Daily

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