The Green Hornet TV Show Marathon and Watch The Green Hornet Trailer (VIDEO)

Seth Rogan
Seth Rogan stars in "The Green Hornet" movie

Did you watch the Green Hornet TV show marathon today on the SyFi Channel? All 26 episodes were scheduled to air today. There has been renewed interest in the series because of the upcoming “The Green Hornet” movie.

The movie comes out in theaters this Friday, January 14th.  Seth Rogan, Jay Chou, Christoph Waltz, and Cameron Diaz star.  I admit that I rolled my eyes when I first heard this movie was coming out, but then I watched the preview and thought that this could be a fun date night movie: something both men and women could enjoy but psssst, ladies, go see this one and then you can pick a chick flick for your next date night movie.

Take a look at the trailer:



Photo: PRPhotos