The Hoff Was Shocked To Be Kicked Off 'Dancing' So Soon

david hasselhoff
David Hasselhoff smiles for the cameras at his Comedy Central Roast.

It has to be someone: The first person to get voted of Dancing With The Stars. Some stars likely expect it–they know their performances were cringe-worthy, or their fan base isn’t the most impressive. But David Hasselhoff is a different story.

The Hoff took the “first-to-be-eliminated” crown on this season of the celebrity dance competition–and he, for one, doesn’t get why. “David thought he had a bigger fan base and just can’t understand what happened,” a friend of the actor-turned-reality-star told Popeater. “He honestly thought he had a chance to win this competition. He would have never agreed to even participate if he thought for one second he would be the first to go.”

And he’s not letting go easily, either. Apparently Hasselhoff refuses to accept responsibility for his elimination, blaming it on anyone he can, including the show’s producers and crew. Sources even said he thought if he had donned a Baywatch-inspired costume (think: little red shorts), he would’ve had a chance of staying in the game.

We’re thinking this is just one big case of a bruised ego. “Of course, David is humiliated,” his friend said. “It’s embarrassing. If it wasn’t enough to say goodbye to judging America’s Got Talent, now for the foreseeable future, he’ll be the guy that America decided was less talented than ‘The Situation’ and Bristol Palin.”


Photo: Tina Gill/PR Photos