The Hope Witsell Tragedy - A Bullying Lesson That Hits Close to Home

hope witsell
Stop Bullying Now

I got a late start to writing this morning.  I was a little busy trying to put an end to my son’s schoolyard bullying. 

It seems that bullying is quite the hot topic lately with more and more kids coming public with their battles against bullying after some extremely tragic endings. 

It was with the stories of Hope Witsell, Tyler Clementi, and Ty Smalley in mind that I set off to meet with the Vice Principal at my 10-year-old Elementary school this morning.  My son’s bully – a young girl of the same age – sent him home in tears yesterday.  She isn’t his first bully and most likely will not be his last, but I was going to make sure her actions stopped now.  I left the office with promises that the school would address the issue. 

What happened next I was not anticipating….

I had barely walked in the door at home upon returning from the meeting when the phone rang.  It was the mother of the child that was bullying my son.  I received an invitation to meet up with her for a cup of coffee.  At that meeting, I was met by a mother whose child had been mercilessly bullied last year.  In reaction to her own bullying, the young lady had apparently decided ‘if you can’t beat them, join them’ and opted to act out this year after experiencing a major growth spurt.  Her mother was none too happy with her daughter’s actions and vowed to end any bullying in its tracks.  We then turned to many other topics of conversation and had a wonderful morning coffee break. 

We left the coffee-shop with an understanding of each other and our children.  By joining forces to stand up for our children and against our children’s bullies, we were bonded by the ties of motherhood.    When mothers unite, we can stand up to just about anything including schoolyard bullies!