The Humble Baseball Cap: These Glam Moms Swear By Them! Can You Figure Out Who Hiding Under Them? (Photos)


Who's This Celeb?

You know what is not generally considered a glamorous accessory? A baseball cap. But that’s just what oodles of stars and celebrity moms throw on. It should be don’t that usually they are not wearing a ball cap as some kind of fashion or style statement, it’s purely practical.  They wear these baseball caps for several reasons:

1)     To hide their un-coiffed hair.

2)     To blend in with the masses

3)     To try to hide from the general population and paparazzi especially when the baseball cap  – 9 out of 10 times is paired with sunglasses.

What celebrities try to hide their famous faces with the shade of the brim of their caps?

Check out these 15 celebrity moms right here and are their incognito looks fooling you? Can you tell who they are?

  • Who’s the Celeb? 1 of 30
    Who's the Celeb?
    With cap and dark sunglasses.
  • It’s Sandra Bullock 2 of 30
    It's Sandra Bullock
  • Who’s the Celeb? 3 of 30
    Who's the Celeb?
    Totally trying to blend in!
  • It’s Julianne Moore 4 of 30
    It's Julianne Moore
  • Who’s the Celeb? 5 of 30
    Who's the Celeb?
    Hint - She on the way to rehearsal.
  • It’s Ricki Lake 6 of 30
    It's Ricki Lake
  • Who’s the Celeb? 7 of 30
    Who's the Celeb?
    She looks like the girl next door here but it's....
  • It’s Amy Adams 8 of 30
    It's Amy Adams
  • Who’s the Celeb? 9 of 30
    Who's the Celeb?
    She gets paid alot for that smile.
  • It’s Gisele Bundchen 10 of 30
    It's Gisele Bundchen
  • Who’s the Celeb? 11 of 30
    Who's the Celeb?
    On a school run.
  • It’s Elle MacPherson 12 of 30
    It's Elle MacPherson
  • Who’s the Celeb? 13 of 30
    Who's the Celeb?
    This is her everyday look!
  • It’s Reese Witherspoon 14 of 30
    It's Reese Witherspoon
  • Who’s the Celeb? 15 of 30
    Who's the Celeb?
    This new mom likes to keep a low profile.
  • It’s Natalie Portman 16 of 30
    It's Natalie Portman
  • Who’s the Celeb? 17 of 30
    Who's the Celeb?
    This one is pretty easy...
  • It’s Jennifer Garner 18 of 30
    It's Jennifer Garner
  • Who’s the Celeb? 19 of 30
    Who's the Celeb?
    Another easy one, it's hard to disguise her!
  • I’ts Halle Berry 20 of 30
    I'ts Halle Berry
  • Who’s the Celeb? 21 of 30
    Who's the Celeb?
    You know this one!
  • It’s Elisabeth Hasselbeck 22 of 30
    It's Elisabeth Hasselbeck
  • Who’s the Celeb? 23 of 30
    Who's the Celeb?
    She always has a smile for the cameras.
  • It’s Jamie Pressly 24 of 30
    It's Jamie Pressly
  • Who’s the Celeb? 25 of 30
    Who's the Celeb?
    A new mom and model!
  • It’s Devon Aoki 26 of 30
    It's Devon Aoki
  • Who’s the Celeb? 27 of 30
    Who's the Celeb?
    We've seen her in her underwear.
  • I’ts Karolina Kurkova 28 of 30
    I'ts Karolina Kurkova
  • Who’s the Celeb? 29 of 30
    Who's the Celeb?
  • It’s Gwen Stefani 30 of 30
    It's Gwen Stefani
    The red lipstick was a dead giveway.

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