The Identity Of Snooki's Baby Daddy Is Up In the Air

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The paternity of Snooki's baby is up in the air.

It looks like Jersey Shore star Snooki may have to make a trip to the Maury Show!

Not only is it surprising to hear that Nicole Polizzi (Snooki’s given name) is with child, but now it seems as though her ex Emilio Masella is claiming paternity on the unborn child.

“The real question is if Jionni is the father or me,” Emilio, 23, tells “Do you think she has only slept with one person the past year? I would have a chance that I can be the father.”

Jionni LaValle is Snooki’s beau of one year. But even though Emilio says the baby may be his, he’s also suggesting that others, including costars Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino or Vinny Guadagnino, could claim paternity as well. “I would get a paternity test to get see who the father is,” Emilio suggests to Snooki. “I would donate my DNA test to see. I can be the father, Vinny, Jionni or Mike. There are a lot of suspects with her. She’s good at lying and can get away with anything with Jionni.”

Emilio even claims to have been intimate with Snooki just five months ago. “I text her all the time,” he admits. “I don’t know if he [Jionni] sees it.”

Who do you believe?