The Incredibly Shrinking Snooki! From Then to Now! (Photos)


It’s not just Snooki’s hair that has shrunk (what happened to the Snooki bump?!?) but her body has gone through a complete transformation! While some women never lose the baby weight after having a child, Snooki looks better than ever! She lost a stunning 42 pounds after the birth of baby Lorenzo!

The petite star told Us Weekly, “I lost it for me,” adding, “but I also wanted Jionni to know that I can be hot as a mom.”

Check out the incredible shrinking Snooki right here!

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  • July 2012 2 of 8
    July 2012
    Last summer when Snooki was pregnant with her first child (and filming The Jersey Shore). She hadn't gained too much weight yet.
  • August 2012 3 of 8
    August 2012
    A little bit before Snooki gave birth... she got pretty big! Gaining 42lbs, and she is a pretty petite gal, so 42 lbs is a lot!
  • October 2012 4 of 8
    October 2012
    Post baby! She started working on losing the weight right away, this was just two months later.
  • November 2012 5 of 8
    November 2012
    She continued to work on her figure. This is Snooki from November, still hiding a bit under the big shirt.
  • Decemeber 2012 6 of 8
    Decemeber 2012
    She started to wear tighter clothing, and show off more of her body in December. She works out daily and has a trainer that really pushes her hard.
  • January 2013 7 of 8
    January 2013
    It wasn't just a new year for Snooki, but a new body!
  • This Week! 8 of 8
    This Week!
    Snooki tweeted this smiling photo of her this week. Looking good Snooki! Looking good!

Photos:, PR Photos, US Weekly


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