The Jackson Kids Love Pictionary


They always say that board games are a great way to bring families together. Apparently, that’s especially true for Michael Jackson’s family. In a recent interview with Rebbie Jackson in People, playing Pictionary has helped everybody grow closer as they work to get over Michael’s death.

For 79 year-old grandmother and legal guardian Katherine Jackson, Pictionary time has been both a joy and a lifesaver.

Says Rebbie:

“Her favorite thing as a grandma is for everyone to come over and play games; especially Pictionary. Everyone gets involved and we all act silly. She’s a mother every day and she always supports the kids.”

On how Prince, 13, Paris, 11, and Blanket, 8, are holding up:

“We’re just trying to be a family and get ourselves through all of it — it has been so much… I’m just trying to stay positive. But other than that, Michael’s kids are fine.”

Rebbie, Michael’s older sister, has been heavily involved in helping Katherine with the kids since Michael’s sudden and tragic death.

What’s your family’s favorite board game?