The Jennifer Lopez Workout Plan


We all saw Jennifer Lopez looking all sexy at the Oscars last Sunday, so we know she’s been hitting the gym — but with 2-year-old twins Max and Emme entering their terrible twos, when does she find time to workout? What’s her secret?

According to JLo, she just works in a few casual workouts in whenever she’s not busy being super mom. It’s that simple.

Say JLo:

“I didn’t work out for the first couple of months after Max and Emme were born. I was just concentrating on being a mom.

“Now I fit any exercise around my children. If I have time between feeds and the daily routine, then I will do it, but my babies come first.”

That hardly seems like a routine that would produce those kinds of red carpet results, right? Come on, you know that JLo’s rock hard abs aren’t the result of fitting in a couple of impromptu sessions on the treadmill in between feeding and nap time.

She must have a team of expert trainers and dieticians plus an abnormally high metabolism if that’s all she’s doing.


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