The Jessica Simpson Bump Watch! Yes, She is STILL Pregnant

Yes, Jessica Simpson is STILL Pregnant

All of us that write about celebrity babies, celebrity kids, celebrity parents and just plain old celebrities are on the edge of our seats waiting oh so patiently for the news of the birth of Jessica Simpson’s baby. And while our own Shana Aborn predicted that the big day had already happened (albeit secretly) Jessica’s Simpson’s newest tweet tells us differently. It – indeed – looks like Jessica is still pregnant .What did she say in her newest transmission?

“I can’t wait for the day I can walk in heels again! My feet feel homesick!” (via Twitter)

One thing for sure, the girl loves her heels! She also re-tweeted a couple FashionStar posts as well as a quote from Corinthians. But in general , Jessica has kept a low profile lately, probably because she – due to the fact that she is carrying large – has been the fodder for many a joke.

And now this is a special message for Jessica:
Jessica – don’t worry – you’ll be back in your five-inch heels in no time, you’ll just have to learn how to walk and balance with a baby at the same time. But if Posh Spice can do it, you can do it.