The Kadashians' Ex-Nanny Is Shopping a Tell-All!

The Kardashians!

Note to self: If you are a child of a celebrity, be nice to the help. If not, you may end up being fodder for a scandalous tell-all.

This is a reality that may be facing the Kardashian/Jenner clan. TMZ is reporting that the family’s ex-nanny – Pam Behan – has been shopping around a book dishing out intimate details about the family’s life and how they really are off camera. So who was the worst behaved of the Kardashian/Jenner kids?

The nanny (who also served as a personal assistant and cook) to the family spent loads of time with all the Kardashian girls as well as the Jenner boys, Brody and Brandon.

Bruce’s sons? She reportedly called them, “”extremely spoiled and disrespectful.” As for the girl, she is ready to spill some “intimate details” about them, even though the girls were very “fond of her.” Ouch.

So celebrity kids if you are reading this, make sure to be nice to your nannies!

Photo: PR Photos

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