The Kardashian Sisters Fight About Scott Disick


Kardashian sistersIn an interview with US Magazine, a Kardashian insider claims that there have been “there have been knock-down, drag-out fights between the girls over Scott,” This rift is causing serious divide in the family.

“Kourtney feels like she lives two lives, because half the family has accepted Scott back and other half hasn’t”. The oldest Kardashian sister and her 27 year old boyfriend have an 8month old son together, Mason.

According to the magazine, Mom Kris Jenner, Brother Rob and sister Khloe are not fans of Scott. But Sister Kim and stepdad Bruce Jenner wear the ‘Team Scott’ t-shirts, feeling like Disick’s commitment to therapy as well as his cutting back on the drinking has earned him another chance.

Kourtney has had her share of ups and downs with Scott and in the past has been encouraged by her sisters to dump him. After he punched a mirror on the finale of Kourtney and Khloe take Miami Kourtney claimed that. “The whole situation frustrates me so much I want to scream!”

In an interview with E!News, Disicks admits that he regrets “the things that I’ve done to Kourtney; [I’ve] treated her poorly.” He then goes on to say that “I hope to God I can look to those [mistakes] like blessings in disguise and be able to learn from them, and proceed with a better, healthier life for the both of us — especially now because of Mason.”

Hopefully he can get his act together soon for the sake of his family.

Source:, E!News