The Kardashians Are Multiplying: Khloe To Be Pregnant Next?

Is motherhood next for Khloe?

It looks like nothing is going to stop Khloe Kardashian from being a mom. The reality television star, who has had difficulty getting pregnant since marrying her husband Lamar Odom for two years now, is currently prepping for in vitro fertilization.

According to sources, Khloe has already had several consultation appointments with her doctor and is hoping to get pregnant for the New Year. Friends say she is taking her prenatal vitamins and is prepping for the procedure which can run up to $10,000 to $15,000 per treatment.

Meanwhile, it seems that while Khloe is excited that her sister Kourtney is pregnant with her second child, she might be secretly a little jealous of her sister’s big news.

“Kourtney’s news just highlights that Khloe’s not pregnant yet,” a source told Us Weekly. “She’s thrilled for Kourtney, but she’s really sensitive. And it’s hard to see your sister get something you want so badly.”

It wouldn’t be such a bad thing if Khloe got pregnant next year. Out of all of her sisters, she seems like the most level-headed Kardashian out there. Fingers crossed!


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