The Kardashians Made $65 Million In 2010!

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The Kardashian Family Made $65 Million In 2010.

The Kardashians are honestly unstoppable! The entire family pulled in $65 million in 2010 due to their endless reality shows, endorsements, products, and appearance fees!

According to The Hollywood Reporter, matriarch Kris Jenner says, “I thought, ‘Oh well, there goes the reality show.’ But you can either be a problem maker or a problem solver. And I’m a problem solver. My job as her mom and manager is to take care of the problem — whatever it is. I had to cry and get upset in the privacy of my own room and then come out and help her, because she’s my daughter. What good is it for me to berate her?…All I knew was that I had to make some lemonade out of these lemons fast. Real fast. My job was trying to take my kids’ 15 minutes and turn it into 30. Not only do we not have filters running through our brains, we don’t edit ourselves…The scene where [Kourtney’s boyfriend] Scott [Disick] is shoving money down the waiter’s throat, that was hard to watch. But I said: ‘Leave it alone. Just show it. It’ll be fine.’ I’ve said that every single time. And it’s served me well from a business point of view. My fantasy is to have Keeping Up With Kardashians, Season 26…Who knew it would be this profitable? I should have had more kids.”

Who would have thought that this family could become so lucrative? And to think E! admitted to almost passing on the series if it wasn’t for endless protests by Ryan Seacrest. Seacrest, E! has you to thank!

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